Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Corporate Video Production: An effective tool to turnaround your business

Corporate Video Production
In today’s highly competitive business world which is dominated by digital technology, you cannot expect to excel in your respective business without the help of corporate videos.  This is because audio visual media connects directly with the target audience and engages them according to your intent. Be it your office staffs, factory workers or external clients, corporate videos are a definitive tool to get your message across to them in an engaging way.  In this digital era, it makes all the more sense to take advantage of these highly engaging communication tools. 

Let’s see how corporate video production can help you in running your business in a more effective and profitable way:

Perfect for advertising your products and services:  Usually businesses spend an awful lot of money in taking their products and services to the right audience.  However, the conventional modes of advertising usually fail to attract enough business.  This is because in today’s world, people do not have time and energy to spend on reading huge product literature.  Here the corporate video production can help you in a number of ways.  Instead of focusing on conventional modes of advertising, you should go in for short and entertaining videos of your products and services.  You can put this video on social media sites to create a buzz about your business.  Make the video as interesting as possible so that more and more people watch it.  If you are not an expert on this, it is always a good idea to hire a specialized agency for it.

Excellent means of corporate communication: Corporate videos production can also help you to connect with your employees in a more engaging and fruitful manner.  Instead of giving extensive briefs on a company policy or sending circulars to individual employees, make a corporate video and share it on the intranet or shard drive of your company.  Try to illustrate the importance of the policy through interesting visuals and graphics, this will add to the overall appeal of the video.  Such videos are also very helpful in training your employees on basic safety measures in factories and hazardous workplaces. In making such videos creative agencies can easily achieve the intended result because they have the requisite skill sets and experience of making corporate videos.

Corporate videos enhance your online business:  Today every business, irrespective of its size has an online presence; however, all of them do not make profit.  If you are struggling to make profit on your online shop, corporate videos can turnaround your business.  This statement holds true because people do not like to go through big product descriptions even if the style is classy and lucid.  This is because nobody has the time and energy to spend on reading unless they already know a lot about a particular product or service.  All you need to do is hire a good corporate video production company and give them a presentation of your products.  This company will make short and catchy videos of your offerings and will post on the landing pages.  Anybody who hits a particular landing page will be more interested in watching the product video rather than reading about it.  If the video effectively describes the product, its sales will naturally grow.

Corporate videos can be an effective tool for advertising, internal communication and for enhancing online sales.  However, producing corporate videos is an art and needs specialist.  So, if you are not an expert on this art, the best idea is to hire a corporate video production company. 

Monday, 10 February 2014

Add Value To Your Business With An Engaging Corporate Video

In the present business scenario an increasing number of companies are relying on corporate videos to communicate with their internal and external clients.  That is the reason corporate video making has emerged as a niche business process that requires creative people.  It is not only brand promotion that comes under the purview of corporate videos; business processes like internal communication and trainings are also being done more effectively through videos.  Creating compelling videos on these subjects is a rather intricate process that calls for creative and skilled human resource.  So, in this article, we will discuss what it takes to create a remarkable corporate video.
Before looking into the nitty-gritty of corporate video making, let us see what these videos are all about.

Video Making

In today’s highly competitive business world, corporate leaders are perpetually on the lookout for innovative strategies to stay ahead of their competition.  Promotion of products and services through short videos is one such tactic that gives companies the opportunity to communicate with their target audience in a uniformed way.  These videos not only save a lot of money for business owners, but also make it very easy for them to reach the masses.  Companies often make just one compelling video about their products and post it on YouTube.  If this video is able to capture the imagination of people in the virtual space, their product becomes a hit overnight.  This is the value that a good corporate video can add to a business. However, to create such interesting and impactful videos, you need creative professionals who are passionate about the art of video making. 

Corporate videos are equally beneficial for online businesses.  This is because a majority of online buyers look for products and services through various search engines and these searching tools have a great affinity for unique videos and graphics.  So, if your website features videos, search engines will automatically give better visibility to your products and services in the virtual space.  In turn, your online sale will increase and your overall business will grow.  Here again, the key to business growth is corporate videos.  So, if you are not an expert on making viral videos, it is better to seek the help of a professional.

Now that you have understood the importance of corporate videos and the need to hire creative professionals to create videos, the next logical question is:  What it takes to create a truly engaging corporate video?  Let’s find out:

Research on target audience:  To make a video that instantly strikes a chord with the target audience, you need to know them.  It does not matter whether the video you are producing is for your internal clients or external clients, undertake a research to understand their mindset.  This research will give the basic idea of what you should be highlighting in the video.  If the video is for your own employees, you can conduct a survey on what they would like to see in a short video.  In case of training videos, the focus should be on knowing the training requirements of your staff.  Research on customer requirements not only helps you to decide the focus of your video, but also enables you to weave an interesting story around that focus.

Imagination:  This is where you need professional help and that is because understanding the client requirements is one thing, but meeting those requirements through a small video is a different ballgame altogether.  So, if you are not an expert on making scintillating videos, it is always a good idea to engage a professional.  These professionals have the imagination to present your idea in the most effective way.   They can present the most intricate of concepts and ideas in a way that a layman can identify with them.   

Quirkiness:   Today, every other company is relying on corporate videos to promote its business.  So, it is essential that the video that you make does not look similar to one of your competitor’s.  Another thing that you have to avoid is using clich├ęd concepts and themes to present your idea.  Here also, taking professional help is a good idea.  As video making experts are in the marketplace and deal with video making concepts on a day-to-day basis, they have an in depth understanding of how to present a concept in an inimitable way.

Script:  The script is the soul of a corporate video; it is the vehicle that drives an idea to the minds and hearts of your target audience.  So, it should be crisp, straightforward and unambiguous.  If you can add an element of humor in it, there’s nothing like it.  If you find your writing skills inadequate for writing such a script, there is no harm in hiring a professional script writer.  Work in close coordination with your script writer and the video maker to make sure that the script drives home the point.  The mark of a truly remarkable script is that it appeals to you in the very first go and that impression stays with you.  

Editing and presentation:  Just like any other video, a corporate video also needs to be edited before it is presented to the audience.  In fact, editing is the most important step of creating a corporate video since it gives a character to the video.  It is just like garnishing a delicacy before it is served.  So, it is important that you spend some time with the editor to share the point that you want to make through the video.  After the editing, watch the video for yourself and check whether you are able to enjoy it.  The mark of a good corporate video is that you are not only able to sit through its screening, but feel like playing it again it again.  If these are the attributes of your corporate video, just share it on the cyberspace and let it go viral.

Corporate videos are adding great value to businesses across the board by streamlining the communication between companies and their target audience.  However, it does not mean that you should just jump into the bandwagon; rather you should spend some time to know what it takes to make a good corporate video.  Then just add the right mix of ingredients and enjoy the show.